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Pokemon Archaic Legacy

Pokemon Archaic Legacy

Start your journey in the Akiria Region, a vast, detailed and realistic world and unearth it’s long lost secrets, in a story that changes slightly based on your choices .


Pokemon Archaic Legacy is a free to play  game featuring:

4th-gen style with some additions from 3rd and 5th gen

All 6th-gen mechanics , including mega evolutions and the fairy type.

New Mega Evolutions

Rebalanced Stats so that you can use some of your favourite mons without worrying about

them being weak or useless ( like Seviper or Floatzel for example )

Trainer Customization, choose your outfit and your hairstyle ( and hair color )

Themed Gyms , instead of the traditional Type Gyms

All 721 Pokemon

-Musics by Glitchxcity and Mewmore

-Current playtime around the 14 hours (Version 1.0)


Download for windows

Download – Mega v 1.0.8

(Full download for 1.0.8 coming shortly)

Patch contents


Fixed some passability bugs and stuff in Skalbarn.

Before patching consider saving indoor.

Patch download V 1.0.9 – mega  ( instructions inside )



To play on mac follow This guide . If you have a black map where you can see only flowers as the first town

its “normal”, its happening randomly on windows 10 and on some macs.

Timezone of the dev: UTC+1 , any comment will be replied to starting from 14 pm of UTC+1

If you want to support the game feel free to click an add (or two if you want).


  1. dansoccer254

    I really enjoy the game. I dont have too much time but im producing good quality videos of this on youtube so it can represent your game better! Hope you help by sharing it so it can help your own game grow!

  2. Thank you guys for creating this game! I downloaded this and now I’m starting a Let’s play of it! I can’t wait for you guys to update it (Which you guys need to tell me how because idk how to do something that without deleting the game :/) It seems so beautiful as it is. I can’t wait to get more into the story. I loooovvvvvvvveeeeee the music btw.
    Want to see my let’s play? Here’s the link

    • Rasler-pokemonarchaiclegacy

      Glad you appreciate, 1.0.8 will be up tomorrow, I think,(its bug fixes and other stuff though,no actual content) and it’s just me doing this, no guyS involved. and don’t worry about patching, instructions are inside and it’s not hard at all. next patch will have full download too anyway.

  3. Seabreeze Town’s overworld is completely black for me. I’m playing on a Mac btw.

    • Rasler-pokemonarchaiclegacy

      Yes that’s a compatibility problem, it’s like that for some windows 10 too.

  4. Oh, so its not normal my hair changed with me clothes?
    I didn’t even recognized that as a bug 😀

    • Rasler-pokemonarchaiclegacy

      Yes that was a bug :-) Btw you might want to re-patch, it says still 1.0.3 but it’s actually new.I fixed a typo, and you’re playing with the female character so you might want to fix that.